When you choose the on-premise solution, you can install DaqMon on one of your own servers - even in a LAN that has no Internet connection.

In comparison to the Hosting Service solution, your IT-department is fully responsible for the DaqMon server when using the on-premise solution, including Security, backups and maintenance tasks.


  • Operating System: Ubuntu Linux

  • Remote access via ssh must be possible (for installation, updates, maintenance, etc.)

All details are listed in the Operator Manual on the Download page

Internet Connection

When your server should be accessible on the Internet you must make sure that you have a static IP address and that the connection is fast enough.

Hint: when you choose an Internet connection option from your provider you must make sure that also the upload speed is fast enough for your data requirements.
The marketing material of the Internet providers may only mention the upload speed, but not the download speed. This is because the upload speed is usually much slower.

Domain Name

To make your server accessible via a human readable name (e.g. www.yourcompany.com, www.example.com, etc.) you need to buy a domain name and configure the DNS correctly so that the domain name is linked to the public static IP address of your server.

When you don't want to handle the DNS configuration yourself, check out our domain service.


When your server is accessible via a domain name from the Internet we can configure your server to use our standard TLS (SSL) certificates or you can use your own.
DaqMon can even work without TLS encryption, but that is not recommended.

Read more on the Security page.