Data Acquisition and Monitoring

Create beautiful visualisations with ease and
access your measurement data anywhere and anytime!

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In A Nutshell

You can upload data from different locations simultaneously to the DaqMon server and instantly access the data in a web-browser: anytime, anywhere!

Server Application

The server application processes the measurement data that your software can upload (via simple HTTP API) from multiple locations simultaneously

Time Series Database

The time-series database permanently stores your data and allows fast execution of queries

Web Application

The web-application is accessible in web-browsers and allows you to easily create beautiful visualizations of your data via drag & drop, so that your users can analyse the data anywhere, anytime

Responsive design makes sure that your dashboards look great on all screen sizes







Visual Controls

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Simple Upload

Secure gap-free upload via standard HTTPS is possible even over a 3G connection and behind firewalls!

Drag & Drop

Create beautiful dashboards with just a few mouse-clicks and drag&drop.


Look at years of data or use the powerful zoom feature to see individual data-points.


Upload data from multiple distributed devices simultaneously and combine them in a single dashboard.

Data Export

You can download your data in various formats for use in other programs, or the images of the charts.


The alerting system can send e-mails to users when an upload-client did not send data for a certain time.


Every user can set their preferred language, number and date formats.


Define your privacy terms in multiple languages for GDPR compliance.


Use DaqMon in the cloud or on-premise in your company LAN.

Hosting Service

We offer an all-inclusive worry-free hosting service in secure data-centres around the world.


Rock-solid TLS (SSL) encryption guarantees the same level of security as your online banking services.

Access Control

Role-based access control allows you to define who can see your dashboards.


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