Easy as ABC!

DaqMon makes building charts dead-simple so that anyone can create stunning dashboards.
Neither do you need highly skilled software engineers who craft some magic SQL statements, nor do you need a degree in database management to understand what's going on.

Defining a chart is a matter of seconds: you just select the channels and DaqMon will immediately build a beautiful chart with meaningful default values (e.g. axis names, ranges, etc.).

Rearranging and resizing the charts is equally simple: just drag & drop the chart to the desired location - done!

Visual Controls



The recorder is the most used and most powerful visual control. It shows your data over time (x-axis).

Zoom feature

The powerful zoom feature is easy to use: just click and hold to select the region of interest, then click to zoom in.
To zoom out you can double-click (or right-click) anywhere in the chart area.

Zoom in to see every single data-sample

see also: Annotations, Alarms

Line Chart

Scatter Plot

Bar Chart

Bar-charts show the channels on the x-axis and aggregated data over the selected duration on the y-axis.


The Heatmap is a colour-coded display of 2-dimensional data. You can choose 3 channels from the same channel group and immediately spot "hot" or "cold" regions.


The table control supports numeric and text data. It is very flexible and the conditional formatting allows to easily identify data of interest.

Multiple formatting options are supported (text-styles, background-colour, etc.). You can specify different formatting settings for the header or the values.

In addition to that you can specify conditional formatting: e.g. when the cell value is <0°C, the cell-colour should be blue.

360° Images

The control supports multiple 360° images (aka. VR photos), which can be zoomed and rotated in all directions.

Add Navigation-Hotspots to navigate between different images or Data-Hotspots to handle channel-data.

For Data-Hotspots, you can configure the colour & border, a name and an optional link to a dashboard, which will be opened when you click the hotspot.

Moreover you can assign a channel to see the current data and optionally use conditional formatting to change the border/area-colour depending on the measurement value of a channel. The current data will be displayed in a tooltip.

Demo Server Example


The Map control supports SVG images, which can be zoomed without loss of quality.

Named elements in the SVG can be configured to:

Static Images

Upload arbitrary images to your dashboard.

For example to:

Static Text

Use the static rich text component to add detailed descriptions about the dashboard or the measurement setup. It supports:


Use the static files control to upload arbitrary files. 

Experts can upload arbitrary files like user manuals, configuration files or executables. Any user who has access to the Dashboard can download these files.

More Features

Data Export

Export the data of all channels in the dashboard to different formats: