Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the target customers?

The target customers are companies who have some existing software that can already acquire data on a local PC and want to make this data available via a Webbrowser.
The developers of the customer just need to implement the upload logic of their data to the DaqMon server.

What data is supported?

You can upload data from any sources. The only requirement is that your upload program can send data via HTTPS to the DaqMon server.

DaqMon supports numeric channels (integer, decimal) and string (text) channels.

Can we use DaqMon without Internet access?

We need remote ssh access for the installation/update process. But after that you can switch off the Internet and use DaqMon in your company LAN.

This also implies that the upload-client programs and the users who want to access the DaqMon Web-Application must be connected to the same LAN.

Also note, that you cannot use our default free TLS (SSL) certificates when there is no Internet connection. You must use your own TSL (SSL) certificates in this case (or deactivate encryption, which is not recommended).

My question is not listed here - what to do?

Just send an e-mail to support@tmtron.com.
We are happy to help!