Access Control

Strict access control makes sure, that only experts are allowed to create and edit dashboards, while users can only view and analyse data of selected dashboards.

DaqMon supports multiple levels of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC):

  • System roles: the 3 fixed system roles (Admin, Expert, User) define which system features a user is allowed to access

  • Custom roles (aka. permission groups): you can create as custom roles o define which users are allowed to see a dashboard

User Management

DaqMon allows you to create as many users as you like. Users can log-in using their e-mail and password.

Each user has one system role (User, Expert or Admin).

System Roles

The 3 system roles (Admin, Expert, User) define which system features a user is allowed to access


The User has only basic permissions, e.g.

  • log-in/out

  • change their own settings

  • view only specific dashboards


In addition to the User permissions, an Expert is also allowed to

  • create new Dashboards

  • delete Dashboards

  • edit Dashboards: rearrange/add/edit/delete visual controls, change the assigned permission groups


The Admin has full access permissions. In addition to the expert, the Admin is also allowed to

  • create new users

  • delete users

  • change the password of any user

  • view and change system settings: e.g. Upload API-Keys, e-mail settings, etc.

  • create permission groups

Custom Roles (Permission Groups)

Admins can create arbitrary permission groups and assign users to these groups.
In the example image above, we define a group "Temp. Experts" which includes 2 users: Sue and Frank

These groups can then be assigned to dashboards (by an Admin or Expert). Only users who are members of the assigned permission groups of the dashboard will be granted to view the Dashboard.
In the image above, we assign the permission group "Temp. Experts" to the Charts dashboard, so that only the users Frank and Sue can see this dashboard.