Auto Refresh

The auto-refresh feature allows you to see live-updates of the data in your dashboard: i.e. update the data every hour or even every second. A countdown will show when the next refresh is due.

Auto-Refresh takes care of performance automatically: Every Visual Control will be updated at the fastest possible rate, without sending useless requests to the server.

For example: when you refresh the data every second, but your dashboard contains e.g. a Heatmap that takes 5 seconds to load the data, then DaqMon will not send additional requests for the Heatmap until the current request has finished.

Test it on our demo system:

Max. Duration

The auto-refresh feature will automatically enforce a maximum duration: i.e. when you look at the data of a full month, it does not make sense to update the dashboard every second. You would not see theses small changes, but overload the server with lots of requests and this could cause other users to see degraded performance.

For example: when set auto-refresh to refresh the dashboard every second, the maximum duration to display in the Visual Controls is 10 minutes.

When you decrease the auto-refresh duration to 1 hour, you can display up to 1 month.

Smart Zoom

When you zoom-in and out while smart-refresh is active, the auto-refresh feature will automatically adapt the auto-refresh duration to match the data that is currently displayed.

In this example, auto-refresh is set to update every 6 hours, when we zoom-in, auto-refresh will use the best matching duration: 1 hour.