Data Acquisition and Monitoring

Create beautiful visualisations with ease and
access your measurement data anywhere and anytime!

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In A Nutshell

You can upload data from different locations simultaneously to the DaqMon server and instantly access the data in a web-browser: anytime, anywhere!

Server Application

The server application processes the measurement data that your software can upload from multiple locations. You can define math calculations and send e-mails when alarms are detected.

Time Series Database

The time-series database permanently stores your data and allows fast execution of queries.
Store hundreds of channels for multiple years.

Web Application

The web-application is accessible in web-browsers and allows you to easily create beautiful visualizations of your data via drag & drop, so that your users can analyse the data anywhere, anytime

Responsive design makes sure that your dashboards look great on all screen sizes







Visual Controls

The Dashboards page shows all available visual controls.


Create beautiful dashboards with just a few mouse-clicks and drag&drop.

Look at years of data or use the powerful zoom feature to see individual data-points.

See live-updates of the data: i.e. update the data every hour or even every second.

Define custom alarm conditions (e.g. Temperatur over 60°C for 10 minutes) and get an email notification.

Mark data of interest and attach text: manually, or automatically via the uploader or alarms

Over 170 built-in functions to define custom formulas. Supports Complex numbers, Matrices, SI-Units, etc.

Secure gap-free upload via standard HTTPS is possible even over a 3G connection and behind firewalls!

You can download your data in various formats for use in other programs, or the images of the charts.

Every user can set their preferred language, number and date formats.

Define your privacy terms in multiple languages for GDPR compliance.

We offer an all-inclusive worry-free hosting service in secure data-centres around the world.

Use DaqMon in the cloud or on-premise in your company LAN.

TLS (SSL) encryption guarantees the same level of security as your online banking services.

Role-based access control allows you to define who can see/edit projects and dashboards.

Long Term Storage

Monitoring projects can range from years to decades. Set a data-retention time to automatically delete old data and avoid out-of-space conditions.

Upload data from multiple distributed devices simultaneously and combine them in a single dashboard.


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